Moderne Tools und Methoden für komplexe Anforderungen

Segments, markets, speciality areas:

Broad and deep know-how,
“old” plus “new” economy.

Markets, segments, products, sales and communication channels: Which specific know-how do you need?

Your advantage: My responsibilities plus experiences in multiple healthcare markets and companies

 Healthcare market segments, speciality areas (extract):

  • Anaesthesia, intensive care, accessories
  • Ostomy, urology, continence, wound care
  • Diagnostic imaging plus accessories
  • Surgical instruments, OR and ward supplies
  • Hospital infrastructure, biomed, sterilisation, hygiene
  • Manufacturers, trade, homecare, G.P.´s, caregivers
  • Market trends, market access, decision drivers
  • Hospitals, rehab, doctors, therapy
  • Reimbursement, insurances, health politics
  • Patient communication, adherence programs
  • Digitalization, online healthcare, social media
  • Education and medical marketing

Modules / methods / expert services (extract):


Market analysis & advice

For informed business decisions.


Your profile as a strategic framework.


Project management

Lead teams, getting things done.

Stakeholder perspective

User stories & Co.: Think outside-in.

Online with concept

Digital marketing,


Content marketing

From stories towards leads towards customers.

Co-creation / sharing expertise

Learn from customers
and other markets.

with a hookline

Translate complex products into benefits.

Smart employer branding

Support motivation, loyality and health.

Change management support

PMI re-positioning, communication.

  • The topics, services and modules mentioned are an excerpt of my service portfolio.
  • Your advantage – a partner with vast experience and an entrepreneurial approach.

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